‘About us
@Glores imports fresh flowers directly from overseas growers to supply to auctions, wholesalers, bouquet makers, florists, supermarkets and funeral homes. In addition we also supply to less common markets such as directly to companies seeking to create better corporate identification using flowers and to amusement parks for decorating. Our specially designed logistic system with temperature control minimizes transportation time and to ensures our discerning customers consistently receive premium quality flowers from the finest growers in the world.
Also,we export Japanese flowers to other countries.
We have been promoting overseas development by taking advantage of the unique know-how that we have cultivated in import business.

 Glores focuses on serving traditional flowers such as chrysanthemums, orchids, carnations and foliage mainly to funeral and religious markets that is expected to expand in the next 30 years. Glores is always eager to increase our understanding of what our customers want. We collect feedback directly from customers through frequent visits and regular market research performed several times a year.
The information gives us and overseas suppliers valuable insight into potential improvements and market changes even before they occur.

‘Brand Marketing
@We are keen to increase market awareness of our suppliers' brands in all markets we serve. We believe that considerable advantages can be gained from our customers having an image of those brands being reliable and offering high quality. Once the brand image has been built, long term customer loyalty and premium price is the result. Our special brand marketing program helps overseas growers and exporters to reach this goal.



‘Our tailor-made marketing programs include:

  1. Customer requirement market research
  2. Communication between customers and suppliers
  3. Quality control
  4. Promotion
  5. Sales

@ The export volume of the domestic flower is developing gradually increasingly by the flower rehabilitation low concluded in2014.
@ We promote to find the needs centering on Asia and we work a lot let customers be satisfied.