Sales channel

Introduction of sales channels

We will introduce the sales channels that Glores makes transactions with.

Multi-channel sales

1. Supermarket and Home improvement store

Supermarkets and home improvement stores are the main markets as flower sales.
Nowadays, the stores exceed the retail stores in sales.

In Japan, the flower use for Buddha religious occasions is part of daily necessities, and there is a stable demand that is difficult to be influenced by economic trends.

In recent years, the flower quality of handling at mass retailers has also improved, and opportunities for general consumers to purchase flowers have increased.

2. Bouquet Maker

Bouquet makers play an important role to provide a stable supply of products so that they can increase consumption at mass retailers.

They continue to supply good quality bouquets at reasonable prices by improving capital investment and work efficiency.

In recent years, labor shortages have been severe in Japan. In order to support them, Glores is focusing on providing customers with flowers, finished products and semi-finished bouquets that have already been prepared at the flower production site.


Wholesale is in a position to be able to obtain production area information and arrival status as soon as possible because it is close to the flower market.

Some wholesalers make bouquets and flower arrangements by themselves and sell flowers through internet shopping. Thus, they can accommodate general customers’ needs.

4. Flower Auction Market

In Japan, flowers are sold at auction in the markets. There has been a market that sells flowers with online auction in recent years.

There are also markets that are actively working to export Japanese flowers to the world.

The flower market is integral to the flower industry and continues to evolve.

5.Overseas sales channels

Glores also exports Japanese cut flowers by making use of experienced import business.
We handle sending out high-quality Japanese cut flowers to the world, which is pretty in appearance and delicate in color.